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Celeb Pulp

It is interesting to note that celebrity autobiographies or biographies appear to be largely bought to be given as presents at Christmas (“Celebrity pulp”, letter, Oct 13). It suggests that no one wants to buy them for themselves and that they may be the modern equivalent of the box of unwanted handkerchiefs, ties or socks.

Picture Books

Pamela Protheroe writes that children read slower when pictures are present (29 November, p 32).

But the reason children read more slowly when pictures are present is that they are dividing their time between reading the text and looking at the pictures, which is the whole point of picture books.

One might as well say that pictures with distracting text beside them lead people to study the pictures less closely.

An unstated bias that words are more valuable than pictures relegates art books, comics and other books with a strong illustrated element to second-class status.

As a professional comics artist, I have met several literate and intelligent adults who cheerfully admit that they can't "read" comics, or find analysis of a picture confusing without an accompanying linear textural explanation, which leads me to think the education system may be missing something.


New Zealand has banned its first book in 22 years after an award-winning New Zealand author's novel was criticized for its offensive language and gratuitous sexual imagery. "Into the River," a young adult title by New Zealand author Ted Dawe, was taken out of circulation by the country's Film and Literature Board following complaints from family advocacy group, Family First. It's being banninated because it talks about important, if squiky, topics in the language the kids use. Soon to become a best-seller. Kids will get it anyway now, just because. Congratulations Family Values group. Clever Ploy by the New Zealand Writers' Guild and Publishing Association. NEW ZEALAND HATES HIM, FIND OUT WHY HE GOT HIS BOOK BANNED WITH THIS 1 WEIRD TRICK I think we need to stop listening to any group with "Family" in the title. It's at least a mark that they're going to bully other groups, and at worst it's a sign of a hate group (like The American Family Association is in the US) 50 Shades of Grey a-ok, though. That's not targeted at the chillren. Won't someone pleeeease ...... Wait till those kids read the Bible! Hey you Whitehouse, ha ha, charade you are. You house proud town mouse, ha ha, charade you are. You're trying to keep our feelings off the street. You're nearly a real treat, All tight lips and cold feet, I know you feel abused, You gotta stem the evil tide, And keep it all on the inside, Mary you're nearly a treat, Mary you're nearly a treat, But you're really a cry.