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Wisdom of the Crowds

Need more quotes? Extracts from books on Children

The Duggars

(A family of the American Quiverfull movement, who believe God wants them to have lots of babies so that the heathens won't outnumber them.)

There are others out there like the Duggars. A whole Quiverfull movement. Large families, home schooled, fundagelicals.

Michelle's babies spend nine months clutching the side of her womb trying not to fall out.

I'll start giving a shiat about what they do when she has kids with welfare paying for it. Much as I disagree with her, she isn't another Octomom. They family has made millions off of their TV stuff.

Times like this I regret not being more religious. Come home from my "men's prayer group' feeling a bit energetic and tell the wife, "hon, Jesus said we should try to be fruitful." "Oh and he said you should wear the special outfit he finds pleasing."

Instead of killing his wife, ol Jimmy can just take a concubine to make babies. It's all Biblical and shiat.

Sign of how much society has changed that this family seems remarkable.

My own family tree has a guy who lived 1826-92

He had 11 kids - they had:

19 kids by 1 wife
19 kids by 3 wives
14 kids by 3 wives
9 kids 1 wife
3 kids
4 kids
3 kids
6 kids
3 kids

and 2 of them childless

no birth control
nothing else to do at night

Family Income and Intelligence

Researchers at the Children's Hospital Los Angeles wonder why parental income appears to influence the intelligence of their offspring (4 April, p 16). Surely this is putting the cart before the horse: as this trend tends to persist over many generations, it seems logical to suppose that intelligence leads to high income rather than the other way around.

Professions that require intelligence tend to be better rewarded than those that don't. Sport and entertainment may be exceptions. Would the income of sport and entertainment stars and their children's intelligence show the same relationship?