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Racial Discrimination

From the comments:

Yes but you don't see white's protesting and burning down their neighborhoods. The point was black on black crime is out of control but it does not matter to the black community black lives only matter when the death comes at the hands of a white man. This weekend 47 people shot in Chicago. Mostly black it is a non story here on WRAL or any other network. If a white person would have shot the 47 it would be the only story.

They never tire of that red herring do they?

/what is the difference between individual, unrelated criminal acts and state-sponsored (or at least ignored) terror (like the KKK)?
/Or the difference between individual, unrelated criminals acts and agents of the state (the police) treating people differently based on race?

Sigh. The person making the black on black crime comment is comparing potatoes to acorns. None of those black on black crimes were racially motivated. A black person didn't wake up that morning and said "I need to go and kill black people because they are black". They might have woken up and said "I need to rob so and so because he is a drug dealer and always has money"... or "I'm going to go kill so and so because he killed my brother", etc. That's the difference most of the while people using the black on black crime don't seem to get.

Now, do I think the black community should do whatever they can to stop (or reduce) these black on black crime? Absolutely, but these crimes were not based on racial hate... and that's what has the black community very upset after the SC shooting.

Prison in Advance - Reddit thread

Do the crime, do the time - but the reverse is also true, you can choose to serve jail time in advance of any crime you want to commit. After voluntarily spending 50 years in prison one individual is set to be released and the world watches in anticipation of whatever they do next. BACK TO Home Page 50 TOPICS