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$1000 to save a child?

In your interview with Joshua Greene, he invokes philosopher Peter Singer's comparison between ruining the $1000 suit you are wearing to save a drowning child and donating a similar sum to save starving children on the other side of the world (7 December 2013, p 30). Greene says we don't hesitate in the first case, but do in the second, because those at risk are distant.

The crucial factor is not distance, but responsibility. If you alone were thought responsible for the fate of the starving children, the incentives to act morally could look quite different.


The attraction of saving an identifiable child immediately could be equally great even if they were at a distance. All you need is a connection of the sort Facebook and Twitter enable. Committing to supporting many strangers for many years with no certain outcome is less attractive, and Greene did not convince me that it showed more morality.


Obviously distance is a factor, but more important is the fact that it is down to you, and you alone, to save the drowning child. When responsibility for the starving children is shared with millions of others, your decision will be different. If there are other onlookers who may act when they see the child is drowning, the thought of ruining your new suit might yet hold you back.

The first eighteen years of your life are like a free trial, and after that it's pay to play.

I want to replay the tutorial.

THERE WAS A TUTORIAL? Fuck I skipped it and I'm lost.

You most likely did the tutorial. Players don't get long term playback save files until about 3-4 years in depending on your INT level. But the save system (like any and all others) has hardware limitations and some of the playback files get lost or damaged over time. Bad packets and such.

And in some cases the save files are overwritten, either distorting how they were originally or losing them all together.

Fuck the Tutorial, the only way to play the game is to use cheat codes, if you look at the top of the leader boards most of them used some form of cheat code to propel them into the high-score list. And I'm not talking about the cheat codes that are out there in the public because then you will be banned. You need the private hacks that only some devs hold the keys too.

You can eventually change your character's appearance, but you'd better pick up a good amount of loot first.

Seriously. I'm starting to think this game is Pay to Win.

I get this graphics glitch where I get an ugly beard whenever I put on a fedora

It's not a glitch, it's actually a hot fix to hide the multi-chin bug. The addition of the fedora overloads the triangle tessellation budget which results in overlapping chin polygonization.

And, there is a bunch of extreme bugs, rendering some players unable to experience features like the graphics, sound or voice chat, and for some reason, there are even bugs who can delete a character forever.

1/10 would not recommend

Unless you're born in Africa. Difficulty: Legendary

Shit, just "accidentally" downloaded the newborn child expansion pack. This game just got a lot more expensive.

And you HAVE to play.

And no save points. This game is brutal.

There's no single player.

There is only single player.

Both of these are profoundly true.

I dunno, some developers are pretty shitty and provide very little support to new players.

Im 23. I would like to cancel my subscription.

Are you sure you want to quit? You have not saved your game, all progress will be lost, the main menu is a mystery.

"The whole game's community wants to make you keep paying and keep playing" amen. and this is the problem with the game. everyone should have the right to quit if they wish to do so. but of course, please always consider your true teammates before hitting delete.

Nothing will beat the Renaissance and Enlightenment patches the released back in the day. Lot's of new problems, but damn did they ever improve the game.

The Renaissance and Enlightenment did wonders for the game, but honestly a lot of it was fucked up because the Dark Ages patch was just so.... Bad. I think they wanted to do like an edgy thing after the fantastical-sorta Middle Ages bit, but it fell flat. REN and ENL were good steps in the right direction though absolutely.

Oh for sure. And to be honest, I don't think ENL would have worked well at all if they hadn't changed the core mechanics with the Ind Rev update. They really nerfed the aristocracy with that.