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Smoke breaks at work are fine, but masturbation breaks at work will get you fired. Which one's bad for your health again?

Remember, society and culture are always right. If we start masturbating today at work like we started smoking 100 years ago and making it popular, 100 years later masturbation breaks will be a real thing.

Yeah but you won't be allowed to do it at your desk, you'll have to stand outside with all the other wankers.

It's not enough, I want a masturbation pit.

I've been using masturbation as a sedative since 1991.

You really wanna work with a bunch of jerks?

I don't know if all of them are jerks, some could make a fine circle of friends.

Masturbation breaks are fine, just don't announce them to people, LOL

What an unfriendly and isolated world we live in.

Don't mind me, just gonna go make some family fudge.

Why Do You Use Tindr?

Haven't y'all learned anything about the Internet?
The men are men. The women are men. The young girls are the FBI.

The guy I met online and I said similar stuff. We "weren't emotionally ready" and "weren't looking for something deep and committed"... years and a home and a dog later I learned that you're always ready for the right person.

Its like playing a game. like, oh look! I matched with the shirtless man holding a fish! I get 10 points!

I'm young, wild and free! Just looking for the right man for the right reasons ;)
I enjoy long walks on the beach and a nice night drinking wine and watching lion king
and oh yeah, did I mention, the "right guy" for me is the guy I can harvest their kidneys.

The guy I can harvest their kidneys with the A- blood type.
Come on. At least be subtle.

I am looking for a normal guy to date and see if it can turn into something. Maybe he won't work, maybe he will become my best friend, only a regular sex friend, a boyfriend for a while, my future husband... who knows?
I know it can seem pretty weird but since there are normal girls like me on Tinder, that just don't have the time and/or opportunity to meet new people, I guess there are normal guys on Tinder too.

Exactly! I've met many different types of guys on Tinder:
some who just wanted to bang
some who were looking for a serious relationship
one who wanted to find a submissive for a D/s relationship
one who was just new in the city and wanted to meet people to hang out with
some who were "recruiting" a girl to have a threesome with their gf
some also have profiles to make their business known
and so many others...

some who were "recruiting" a girl to have a threesome with their gf
Rookie mistake. Always have the girl look.

one who wanted to find a submissive for a D/s relationship
Wait, we can use it for that? BRB, going to update my Tinder profile.

It almost as if you can be looking to fuck AND be on the lookout for a relationship at the same time!

I was on there for a while, at first just liked flirting with strangers but did meet a handful, I wasn't really in to any (except a Redditor I met on OkCupid who was a weird but good looking and we went out a few times) but we had a laugh on our dates. I didnt really take it too seriously.
Eventually I met up with this guy and he turned out to be exactly what I would have been looking for, a good looking, intelligent, curly haired comedian. He was really easy to talk to, everything about him was interesting and we talked about stuff for hours, but afterwards the texts dropped off pretty quickly.
After that I realised that you might have a large selection of people to choose from but so do they, and the likelihood that if you do decide you like someone that they will choose you back is low. So I got rid of it.
Edit: To answer 90% of the replies I didnt want a relationship, if anything I was looking for a FWB kind of situation, it just took the shine off it to feel a bit rejected. Also yes people can do this in real life but it's definitely more concentrated on an app when you literally have everyone at your finger tips, I remember it being pretty addictive. I'm kind of paranoid now as I didnt think anyone would read this, but to all the people asking if it was you, it probably wasnt.

I feel like an old person saying this, but when you meet people in real life, chances are you've already ticked off half of the checkboxes .
It's likely that they're a friend of a friend, or you met them at an activity you like doing, or it's someone in your work world, that kind of thing.

I used Tinder during my summer abroad to practice my French with locals in Paris. I never met up with any of them though, because that's how people get Taken.

My friends and I decided we wanted to make a dick-a-day calendar for a friend who is getting married so we trolled it for dick pics.

We did Chat Roulette at a New Years Eve party two years back. We thought that our best bet of talking to some interesting people was by having three good looking Asian chicks be the first thing the other person sees.
A surprising amount of people just immediately skipped us, including the dudes whacking it.
We eventually got some webcam girls that had a sign that said "10 pushups for tits" so my male friend showed them his tits and we spent 15 minutes arguing with them, trying to get them to do pushups for us. The main chick ended up giving up and just flashed us. Titties were 10/10.

In college for some parties we would have chat roulette in the main room on the TV. Basically just streaming the party on chat roulette. It was one of those, "wouldn't it be funny if..." kind of things that people ended up liking. You had the weirdos but every once in a while you'd get some regular people and do shots with them, or girls at our party or on CR that would flash. The best was another group that was also having a party and our we played flip cup against them.

I like just streaming random shit on chatroulette. Sometimes when my band is practicing/writing we just set up a laptop and mic in the corner and let people watch us work.

Somewhere, a chat roulette dev is reading your comment and feels validated that somebody used it for it's intended purpose.

This might be the best use of chat roulette I've ever heard.
I feel like this should be a new thing. Like chat roulette, but just for parties. So every party can hook up a smart tv or whatever to "party roulette". Then they would have a link to a rotating group of other parties happening. Maybe less masturbating... Unless it's in a group. A circle jerk is a party of sorts so it would have to be allowed.

Porn. Its the lazy mans tinder

and pussy is free on the internet.

nor does it judge you.
but my reflection in the monitor shames me

matte screens man, look into it.

I met my boyfriend on tinder as well. When his parents asked about it and the million follow up questions as to what tinder was he told them he sent me a bunch of dick pics so I knew what I was in for. He never sent them but the reaction was great.

A mutually invested individual that may or may not evolve into something interesting.
I feel like the majority of the people who quip about it being an app strictly for fucking are basing it entirely on anecdotal circle jerk nonsense and have never actually used it.
For all of those suggesting OkCupid or POF you've clearly not been on the online scene for too long. POF is just as trashy (if not more so) and OkCupid is a waste of time DEPENDING on where you live. For me, it's a total waste of time.
Tinder is ideal because you don't talk to someone unless you're mutually interested. POF and OkCupid remind me of being out at a bar and constantly being drooled on by sleazy men who think "no" just means "buy me another drink and then maybe."

Oh man, back in 2010 I got on OkCupid and realized how big a waste of time it is. It was so bad that I just decided to marry the first girl I talked to. Profile lifespan: literally less than 2 hours.
No joke. Literally met my wife w/in 15 mins of finishing my profile, we started talking immediately, went out that night to meet and have been together ever since. We now also have a 3 month old, but we didn't find him on OkCupid. We made him the old fashioned way.

After my wife cheated on me, my little brother bought me 3 memberships to dating sites and a box of condoms that he delivered to my house while she was there as a Christmas present. Her face was priceless.
About a month after my divorce was finalized a random girl sent me a message. We hit it off. Been married for almost a year now. She's fantastic. Both of us have kids and they blended together as if they'd lived together their entire life. I can't complain.

A few years ago I decided to give eHarmony a shot. So I'm sitting there and trying to answer every single one of their thousand questions legitimately and it took me a good hour or so to finish it. I click 'submit' and it starts calculating my answers. Then it says something along the lines of 'We're sorry but there are no matches in your area. But that doesn't mean you should give up!'
I live in New York. That was depressing.

At first I was there to legitimately find someone to go on dates with, but now it's mostly become a way to collect entertaining and outrageous pick-up lines.
Best so far: "I would bury my dick so deep in you, whosoever pulleth it out would be named King of England."

Ideally, I'd like a boyfriend. If I happen to meet somebody with whom I clicked well with sexually but doesn't have long term potential, I'd be ok with a fwb situation. But that's not what I'm looking for.

A guy who actually looks like his pictures and can carry his end of the conversation. Amazing how rare that is.

If I found A woman on tinder that held THEIR end of the conversation, I would be soooo happy.

Oh God it's so true. I feel like I'm doing a stand up comedy show and a job interview at the same time as she leans back and enjoys her entertainment for the evening.

What's worse than non-starting convos is great convos that end in "sorry, I'm just not in a dating place right now", or dates that go great and after a few shitty texts you get "oh I'm just looking for friends".

I suggest just making a game out of it and not taking it too seriously. You know like 90% of them are going to flake anyways, so find something you enjoy about it.

Women are the choosers. You are qualifying to her.
She has plenty of options. You're the male. You have relatively fewer. Therefore, you're supposed to court her.

After messaging about 200+ women I've honed a set of 3-4 intros and follow-ups that has most girls laughing and then I tell them to shoot me their number within about 5-6 messages max. Works about 90% of the time... After all, you both swiped each other, you're not there to text like a bunch of cell phone pen pals. The point is to get the digits and plan your date together. If they delay, I have a few witty things to say that usually gets the convo back on track.
I should say this works less with the 18-23ish year old crowd who tend to protect their numbers like it's some sorta Fort Knox bullshit. Usually I chide them that "this is how adults do dating" if they get whiny about giving out their number, and then I either get unmatched for that or they ovary-up and realize it's in their best interest to date a man.

I've literally had one easy-to-talk conversation on tinder, everything else is just 1-to-3-word answers or nothing.

Every girls profile "if you just say hey or what's up I won't respond". Every message I receive: "hey :)"

Man, some girls, even the plain average ones, get soooo many matches that they suddenly realize that you're not really the best looking of em all so they probably stop wasting more time in trying to sound engaged in the conversation.

If I found a girl on there who was interested in astronomy I would be so happy.

What's that? Astrology? Well you're in luck my friend.

24F here. I'm primarily looking to go on dates and maybe meet someone I like. NOT casual sex. I know tinder has a bad rep, but of all the apps I've tried (Hinge, OKCupid, etc) I have actually met the coolest guys on tinder. I've had 2 short-term relationships from tinder (3-6 months each) and I don't regret them. I live in a big city where every young person is a workaholic, so apps are the most common way 20-somethings meet their SO's. Currently dating someone from OKC.
edit: What I like to see in a profile is any of the following: an outdoorsy pic, a puppy pic, a travel pic, a cooking pic, an active pic (skiing, rock climbing, hiking, etc), and a short witty description.

That is a lot to ask from a profile. I'd have to go out and get a puppy, travel, learn to cook, go rock climbing, and also find something cool outside to take a picture with. On top of all of that I'd need to spend at least a day to look up witty profile examples. That seems like way too much work.

While I'm not saying this pertains to you or anything like that, there are TONS of girls looking for the same thing as you, while also having crap and dull profiles themselves, standard pics (even sometimes with most or all of them being group pics) and going off to state that they will never initiate conversation, but also expect you to have something clever and interesting to say to break the ice.
Must be nice to have boobs I guess...

Hm... I was under the impression that Tinder was only for casual sex. Not that I use it at all.

It matches people based on mutual attraction and proximity. What people do with that information is up to them. They could have casual sex, or they could just chat, or they could end up getting married, or something inbetween. It simply facilitates meeting people.

a guy who doesn't have a picture where he is holding a damn fish.

According to my in depth research it's:
"Good vibes only."
"Not looking for sex."
"I want to go on an adventure."
"I'm not like the other girls."

I met my current boyfriend on a Tinder date.
He was not my match. He was sitting at the bar after just moving to our city. I was on a horrible date. I whispered to him "rescue me, you're cute and I'm on the world's worst fucking Tinder date" when I was going to buy the douchebag I was with his fourth Jack and Coke (I don't expect a man to pay for me, BUT I ALSO DON'T WANT TO DO ALL THE PAYING.)
My now-boyfriend screams at me like a fucking Oscar-worthy actor, "you seriously invited me here to watch you go on a date?!?!?!?! WE HAVE A FUCKING CHILD TOGETHER!!!!"
Tinder douche bailed and boyfriend and I have been together for a year. Everyone tells us our meeting story is like a fucking rom-com, and I can concede that it indeed is.

Honestly. The conversation goes like this: Hey Hey What are you doing? Watching a movie. Sounds fun. It is. We could be having sex instead. Really? Yep. Okay. Sweet. See you in 10.

It just sucks that my once bountiful source of sex with random strangers became filled with the kinds of users who are looking for friends, their friends showed them this app and they never check it, they love jesus and want to hold hands and watch the sunset, or is not looking for a hookup...
Tinder used to be sooooooooooo easy, now there is a real amount of work you have to put it in.

From my experience, ~90% of girls who use it install the app, upload their top 3 liked photos from instagram/fb, then match with guys for the attention/confidence boost - with no intention of talking to them or meeting up. After 2-3 weeks of this they get bored and delete the app. Then, eventually, a few months later a boy hurts their feelings and their self-confidence is lowered enough for them to reinstall the app. Rinse and Repeat.

Basically Tinder is an app that takes away the confidence of men shorter then 6' and then gives that confidence to semi unattractive women as they are lavished with attention from increasingly desperate shorter males.

I'm a male who used Tinder frequently with moderate succes. Here's what women want from Tinder:
Be taller than her when she wears heels.
Be moderately attractive and in decent shape.
Be unique with your profile. I listed random shit like I'm a master crockpot chef and shark hunter. They love reading something funny.
Don't send dick pics or immediately engage them with a sexual dialogue. No woman wants to admit that they're after some dick, even if that's what they're after.
Compliments, compliments, compliments. Not about their tits or how they look. Exhibit a genuine interest or be impressed with their interests.
And that's it. Don't be nervous on a date. It's just a date. Let your personality shine through.

Jesus christ, all the guys in this thread having issues with Tinder. HOW?!
As a guy who keeps one to kill time at work:
Step 1: Put up photos of you DOING things. Unless you want the female version neckbeards all up on your shit (i.e. people who only look at looks and are desperate), show yourself doing some hobbies and shit.
Step 2: Toss in a bio that will attract the type of person you want. A legitimate bio is probably gonna get someone looking for a committed relationship. A joke, or something witty, that'll probably get you some hilarious conversations and, who knows, a soulmate? Jk Tinder isn't for soulmate searching, which brings me to...
Step 3: Don't go in expecting love. Seriously, it's fucking Tinder. Go outside and meet some real people. Then when you are doing everything you can in your REAL life, throw in Tinder into the mix to slightly up the chances of meeting that special lady.
Step 4: No dick pics or weird rapey shit.
Step 5: Open with a witty line. This is my favorite part of Tinder, looking at a match's profile, and coming up with something clever and hilarious to say. I have ~400 matches and almost all reply to a sent message.
Step 6: Tinder dates are fucking weird and I don't know why you'd be butthurt about not getting one. I caved and went on two. The first, she invited me to clubbing with her friends. Cool, since I live half a mile from the clubs here. Got there, her friends were super awesome, but she was so... boring. Kept bitching all night about how she's over the club scene and too mature for it. Umm, you're 23. Calm the fuck down. You're here, learn to have some fun.
Second time, she was smoking hot with makeup, but when we met up, for some reason she went with no makeup. Well, her voice was very child-like and no makeup made her look EXACTLY like my baby cousin (who is 14 now). Chick was super cool, and I felt really bad since we spent the entire night watching Netflix, but legit watching Netflix, and I wouldn't move closer than a foot away from her. Also her roommates kept barging in cause they were doing coke in the living room. Kinda wanted to join them, cause hey, free coke. Ended up leaving at 4 AM laughing my ass off. We still snap each other sometimes. She has no idea why nothing happened.
Step ???: Don't be picky, swipe everyone that even remotely fits your type, and go only off the display photo. You'll grab more matches and you won't get so invested into one person.
Step 10: Seriously, go outside and meet people. Tinder is a great app to learn to talk to girls and not give a fuck about what they say back. It's also great for hookups. Seriously, it is. But if you want love, finding it on Tinder really is like winning the lottery. You might, and some folks have, but I doubt you will.

Sex Bots

It's a threat to women because it means women will have to develop actual value.

Honestly, any woman threatened by a sex bot needs to assess why she's adding so little value to her relationships.

The women that are really afraid are the fat or ugly or just have plain old awful personalities. The men who would normally stoop down to their levels will no longer have to. It will force them to shape up or face reality.

If they can learn how to repair sex bots, they will have value to men.

It depends on how complex synthetic--using that term from Mass Effect--life becomes. If we have sex-bots that can perform basic tasks, look and feel realistic, but don't talk much, people will still look to humans for relationships and creating families. If they can mimic humanity even halfway convincingly, you'll have people who are satisfied with that start pulling away. If synthetic life becomes functionally indistinguishable--not in terms of life, death, injury, and reproduction, but behavior--then I can imagine people growing attached and arranging for surrogacy and shit.

The most genetically valuable people can sell sperm, eggs, or tissues that can be used to provide genes and any woman willing to carry the surrogate will have a way of earning significant income. That is, if we don't just invent artificial placentas by then.

The AniMatrix had a three-part series on the history of the Machine Wars. In the beginning, the machines wanted to be like us. They wanted to be accepted, have rights, and explore what conscious self-awareness had to offer. But religion, the ignorant masses, business lobbyists, and politicians fucked it up for everyone else because they couldn't handle the economic competition.

So while these are issues we won't need to deal with for a long time--if ever--the people who used to think and write about them didn't have a whole lot of faith in humanity. Just like Feminists aren't our only enemies, since there are people making money off of and supporting what they do, sex isn't the only thing people are going to worry about when it comes to artificial life. And people do dumb shit when they're afraid.

EDIT: But this is about sex. Which mostly women are worried about, since for most women it's all they have to offer. The ones with more to offer don't really need to worry, so it's hilarious to see so many panicking.

Honestly, if sexbots were indistinguishable from humans, like in the Alien movies, I would never touch a real woman ever again. The sex bot wouldn't age, wouldn't bitch, wouldn't be vapid, would be willing to participate in any activity you command without complaint, and cannot harm or by omission of action, allow to be harmed, a human being. Except for the A2s. The A2s always were a bit twitchy.

What about other people, though? How would you end the sentence "I need people in order to..."? If you didn't have to interact with other people, would you choose to? If you had all your needs (physiological demands, safety, sexual gratification) met by machines of sufficient sophistication, what would one person need another person for?

What would a sentient machine need people for? We have no way of knowing, but the first thing that comes to mind is measurement. If the machine knows that is is artificial, then we take on the role of creator. From there the machine's self awareness would lead it to explore concepts of self and other. A massive acquisition of data would take place. It would seek out differences and similarities as it constructed, analyzed, and then questioned new aspects and gestalts of identity.

But I? I would seek out people to be frustrated, confused, thrilled, hurt, fascinated, infuriated, etc. Not because I believe that these are more organic or valuable interactions and responses, but to feel more human myself. I wouldn't need to do these things, but I would want to if I could. Being around people all the time makes me appreciate them much less than I would if I was rarely in contact with them.

Or perhaps I would only need to believe that everyone around me was human, to regard them as such whether they were synthetic or organic, for my emotional and psychological needs to be met.

So I ask you to answer your own question. What would you need people for?

Unless the crazy feminists manage to get sex bots banned.

They won't succeed. Look at alcohol in the 1920's and look at the marijuana fight today. Anytime you ban something, it does not go away, you simply create a black market for it. People will just buy Chinese made sexbots the same way bodybuilders get steroids from former Soviet Bloc countries online.

Secondly, the sexbot makers will use the same argument they successfully used when Conservatives tried to ban porn in the 1990's: sexbots, like porn, will be viewed as a work of art, not unlike a sculpture or painting, and therefore Constitutionally protected free speech.

When you introduce a low-cost alternative to women that comes without all the nagging, insecurity and expense, frankly men are going to leap in headfirst.

Let me re-write this.

When you introduce a low-cost alternative to women that comes without all the divorce rape, STD's, gas lighting, half-truths lies, dead-bedroom creeping destruction to your self-esteem, frankly men are going to leap in headfirst.

The god-damn competition bar is so fucking low for live-in pussy, that all a sex robot will need to do is not flip in to kill-all-humans mode to be competitive with western women.

Feminsts should be embracing sexbots: no more unwanted attention. No more prostitution. No more misogynistic careers based on attractiveness. Finally women will be treated according to their inner merits rather than their outer appearance. Men won't objectify women anymore because they'll already have objects of their own. They won't have to fight the patriarchy anymore because the patriarchy will be too busy with their fantasy sexbots. If they miss the sex, they can buy their own bot that looks like Fabio...if they can afford one on their HR/marketing/social worker salary.

Men will be in heaven. Not only will they be able to live the lifestyle of Hugh Hefner and have a personal harem of hardbodied playmates, but they'll also be able to swap girls with their buddies. Imagine mentioning to your buddy that his girl looks great, and in response, he asks you if you want to try her out.

It's a win/win situation if I've ever seen one.

I remember the look on this blonde frumpy white girl's face in the back of the taxi in Pattaya while I had a very petite, jaw-droppingly youthful Chinese-Thai girl all over me. That I only paid $25 for two hours for.

Her head was about to explode. Never seen anything like it in my life.

Now imagine this all across the world. It is only getting better for us gentlement. Hang in there.

Lets completely ignore the part where men who fuck robots are going to be seen as pathetic losers just like the ones who fuck sex dolls are now and dream of a world where computerized pussy makes you feel alfalfa LOL

These men are already seen as pathetic losers now. Women like you shame them as video game playing, porn watching, cheetos eating, basement dwelling, awkward losers. Do you think they are going to give 2 shits if you throw "sexbot fucker" on the pile with the rest of the insults? They aren't coming out of the basement anymore to even hear what you think about them, so they aren't going to care about "how they are seen" by judgmental people like you.

That's the crux of the article that you seem to be missing: the more feminism shames men as "pathetic man babies", the less they are going to give a shit, and the more they are going to tune you out. Hell, even a great deal of the "eligible men" will stop wanting to put up with your shit, and start comparing the "Angie" model to the "Tara" model on Amazon.

Men dont need a relationship to be happy, they just need sex.


Women dont need sex to be happy, they need a relationship.

Not quite. If this were true, Beta Bucks would have the best deal. He doesn't.

A good hard dicking from an alpha male is precisely what a woman requires. Women all crave for submission - for a reprieve from the responsibility of facing the cruel reality of nature. Surrendering to a dominant man's sexual aggression is just one way she feels psychologically reassured that someone strong is handling the big shit, and that she will be "taken care of" (really, that her genes will be taken care of).

The important thing is this will drive down the cost of pussy wholesale. Globally. Everybody (men) wins.

I don't think I can fuck a robot that's exactly like a human but I know in the back of my mind it's just a robot. I would prefer my hand or an inanimate hole.

The glory of sexbots is that even if you, yourself, would never fuck a sexbot, there are literally tens of millions of men who would jump at the chance.

What this will do is create a man shortage. When half the men are at home with their sexbots on a Saturday night, then women will outnumber men 2 to 1 out at the clubs.

So, even if you never use a sexbot (or even if the idea of sexbots disgusts you to your very core), you will directly benefit from their widespread use.

The thing is most women invested in the "being a fucktoy" trait and forgot to develop their personality while growing up, because everything they said was interesting, as long as they looked good. Now this robot will replace the fucktoy part and they are left with what? This is why most of the fat/ugly girls I met have personality (some went the wrong path and chose to be a bitch in retaliation for being ignored as a woman, but not all), while the pretty ones from birth are almost like a bot.

You are not considering that women will also be a large customer base for the sexbot market. They will have a Channing Tatum look-alike in their bedroom closet who will put out on demand and they might even have a Keurig like port for sperm packet from a sperm bank. Take it out of freezer, plug it into a sexbot and bam you've got artificial insemination with state sponsored child support paid for with everyone's taxes.

While some of you may be happy of a future where women are served a taste of their own medicine do you realise that a lack of motivated men will be the ruin of society?

Young Greek women are selling sex for the price of a sandwich as six years of painful austerity have pushed the European country to the financial brink

When the economic crisis began in Greece, the going rate for sex with a prostitute was 50 euros ($53), the London newspaper quoted Laxos as saying. Now, it’s fallen to as low as two euros ($2.12) for a 30-minute session.

Female questioning something here... I can relate to how sad this is, and how desperate the people of Greece are at the moment. I hope it's not wrong but can I ask any person there this... If women are surviving by turning to the sex industry, what do the men have to do to survive?

They go abroad (such as working on ships), go into crime (including people smuggling), or go into jobs where fatalities are common (such as coal mining or oil extraction).

This is actually pretty depressing... :\

I agree, it is just terrible...brb moving to Greece.

I agree. It is disgusting. There's so many Greece cities though. Where? Which one?

I know. We need to get out there and, like, help these poor women, and stuff.

I pledge to double their salaries.

If I've got eighty bucks in my wallet, can I have a 38some?

Hey honey, make me a sandwich. "That will be two sex."

I have money and food and am surviving just fine, but the local sex in my area is prohibitively expensive. Thus, I bring some food and money to Greece, where it's in short supply, and trade it for some sex, which Greece apparently has no shortage of. It's economics 101.

Gay Conversion Therapy

Here's how it works.
Everything that happens, revolves around you, and your feelings. Once you've moved past the basics of survival (food, roof over your head etc), this mindset doesn't evaporate.
Your relationships are based on the same principle: this person makes me happy, therefore I want them to stick around. The best way to keep them around, is to keep them happy. If they're happy, then I'm happy.
They matter more than say, your TV, but they don't matter in the same way that you matter. If they're sad, and you don't know about it - does it really affect you? no.
If they're sad, and you can see that, hear it, perceive it, then it's a problem for you.
But what if keeping them happy is going to require a lot of work for you? Or is going to make other people in your life unhappy? Well then, you get rid of them.
If five friends say you must get rid of one other friend (assuming all of these people make you equally happy), then you dump the one to keep the five.
Sounds horrible, doesn't it? You're not alone - plenty of people in this thread have said things to the effect of 'I'd never do that to my kid - I can't comprehend anyone doing it to theirs'.
This could be for a variety of reasons, but mostly I suspect, because you're all empathetic, compassionate people, who care a great deal about others wellbeing, and that you care even more about people close to you: friends, family etc.
That's a great way to live your life - I approve.
But because of that, you appear to have difficulty understanding the utterly self-centred mindset: it is all 'me me me'.
There is something in this couples life they value more than their kid. I'm sure that whilst they thought their kid was heterosexual, he made them happy: he got good grades, got into a good school, perhaps he was always respectful and never neglected his chores - well done that guy.
But now he's making their life difficult: perhaps their friends think they're bad parents, perhaps they think they're being bad christians and SkyDaddy won't let them into the special afterlife club.
Now this is a problem for them. They can't make their kid not-gay - that was their first solution, didn't work.
So, they kick him out of their life. If he wants back in, he'll have to bring them more happiness than hard work, stress etc.
Child; spouse; parent - all just labels. Nothing sacred about them. Do they bring you more joy than sadness? Are they high maintenance? Are you getting a good return of your investment of time and money?
That's the selfish mindset. I hope it helps, and I think it speaks well of you as a person that you don't get it.
I get it. I don't approve of what they did, but I get it.