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(LT readers respond to extracts from book by Polly Vernon Hot Feminist

Where has Ms Vernon been? Women have always ogled at your men and have even been predatory towards them long before the word "feminism" was coined.

Women have always got what they wanted without their victims even realising that they are being manipulated. It wasn't for nothing it used to be said, "Man chase a woman until she catches him."

All that Feminism achieved is to remove the subtlety and elegance out of their predatory endeavours.

What I don't understand about the article is why the author thinks she is getting one over on men. Women making themselves more sexually available, sounds like a win win to me.

I like younger men..... especially when they have only one chin and a flat stomach.

I think that works both ways.

Assuming any older women want to flirt with/go out with/sleep with younger men, why ever would such women need a "how to" book? Mildly amusing article, but scarcely useful to many real women I should think.

You misunderstand - this is a self help book for impoverished authors, and if anyone is stupid enough to buy it it will help Polly enormously.

I remember not so long ago when Feminism was still about equal rights to jobs, salary, recognition in sports etc. That part has now more or less been fully implemented elsewhere for example in the Scandinavian countries. Over there it also means equal right for example in family courts. Everyone is supposed to take of themselves on equal terms ex husbands do not support ex wives and vice versa, children have shared residency and spend 50/50 time with their parents. Maybe Feminists here in UK should take a pause while writing their books and columns and send a prayers that such horrors of equality will never reach the shores of Blighty. I.e so they can in peace and quiet continue to ponder over what thoughts and activities in their daily lives best matches their perception of a Feminist in the 21st century.

"We are the lechers. We are the watchers. We are the fanciers." And we are narcissistic beyond belief.

Blimey, we have names for their bum types, do we? And fetishise armpits? Please, count me out of this style of feminism. I like men as people and I don't need to consider them in terms of how well they fuel my sex drive, because I'm so much more than a sex drive. Sure, feminism allows women to be as sleazy and pathetic as the sleazier more pathetic sorts of men, but why aspire to that?

I am a female pensioner and have always laughed at laughed at old men with trophy wives. I think old women, feminist or not, buying the attention of younger men just as hilarious. Give her the respect she deserves, i.e. none.